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Favorite Things {special edition}

Friday, October 15th, 2010

This edition of Favorite Things is dedicated to our daughter, Sophia, and I’ll tell you why.

With Halloween approaching, I have been trying to find the perfect costume for our little Sopha Cushion.  I almost purchased a fairy costume when my husband, Paul, accused me of picking something that I wanted to be when I was a kid.  He was right.  In fact, I was a fairy for Halloween for 3 years in a row.  He said he wanted to her to be a Super Hero, and I quickly accused him of the same thing – he still wants to dress up like a super hero, and not just for Halloween!  So this got us to thinking… what would Sophia want to be for Halloween?  Since she is too young this year to tell us, we started listing out her favorite things.  While this list isn’t really a great possibility for costumes, we thought it would be o-so-appropriate blog material!

Here goes…


I love the boxes of FiberOne muffin mix.  They are really yummy, and much healthier than your average muffin!  Sophia gobbles them up!



We just got this hooked up to our deck a month ago, she’s crazy about it!



Here she is watching with Daddy.  She loves watching Baby Bach over and over! (sorry Paul about this picture, he’s obviously on the verge of falling asleep!)



Krang is a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles super villain straight from Paul’s collection.  It really shows how much he loves Sophia for him to let her play with these guys.  He has about 50 action figures but she goes for this guy every time.  Probably because she likes to remove his brain.

I don’t think any of these translate well into costumes, but it’s fun anyway.  What do you think she should be for Halloween?



The fifth favorite thing this week comes from Annalise.  She said one of her favorite things was:

5.  Morning Dew

And she took this beautiful picture….

Thanks Annalise!

What is one of your favorite things?  Leave a comment and I may mention it next time!

Favorite Things: Volume II

Friday, September 3rd, 2010

1.  Clean Sheets

I love to get in the bed when it has just been made (confession: something I only do when I change the sheets! Please don’t judge me, my husband doesn’t see the point either).  Clean sheets smell and feel so very good!

2.   Cupcakes

Yay!  What is so perfect about a cupcake is that it is clean and easy and just the right portion.  This delicious cupcake was purchased today from the fabulous Sarah’s Cake Shop & Catering Co. on Clarkson in Chesterfield.  They have so many amazing flavors, this one is (was*ahem*) apricot.  They also design some beautiful cakes, so check ‘em out!

3.   Going on walks

It is really nice to be able to go on walks daily with my fam.  It gives Paul and I a nice chance to have a conversation.  Sophia loves to hold the leash – or pretend that she is – and wave and say “eye” (hi in Sophia talk) to everyone we pass.

4.   Bath time

Most nights our little gal is in dire need of a bath.  Today was no exception.  She had food all over her hands and face (she helped with the cupcake) and yellow, red, and black marker all over her body.  So it is necessary, but it is also so fun.  And cute!

5.   Baby Animals

Today, to find pictures of baby animals, we headed to Purina Farms.  We will surely be going back soon.  It is such a cool place to bring your kids.  And it’s free!  The dog show was amazing too!  Here are pictures of a baby pig and a couple of bunnies we saw at the farm…

Thanks Betsy for this last favorite!  If this has in anyway inspired you to think of some of the favorites in your life, please share.  I’d love to hear and it could be featured next week!

Favorite Things: Volume I

Friday, August 27th, 2010

So today I’m starting an occasional segment of my blog called “Favorite Things”.  Self explainatory.  Here’s my top 5 right now:

1.    Smoothie Popsicles

I’m a self-pronounced “smoothie queen”.  I totally rock the blender.  We started enjoying smoothie popsicles like a week ago, and it is the perfect summer treat.  We love to wind down on the deck (directly before Sophia’s bath time of course) and enjoy our homemade popsicles.  I made these tonight after blending strawberries, a banana, juice, and yogurt.  Pretty excited about tryin’ them out tomorrow!

2.   Car Carts

We discovered these at Price Cutter in Neosho.  I was so stoked to see them at our neighborhood Dierburgs.  They rattle and are hard to turn.  I do knock items off the shelves with them from time to time, however, these setbacks are minor in comparison with how much easier it makes grocery shopping for me and more fun it makes it for my daughter.  Another aspect that I absolutely love about these things it that there is room for two children down there (currently, Sophia steers with both wheels) and one up top!  Not that I need that kind of space, but I’m just saying, I know some mommies out there gotta appreciate it.

3.  Pride and Prejudice

I frickin’ love Pride and Prejudice!  I am not big on sitting still by myself to watch a movie (I feel like I’m wasting time), however, I have never seen a movie as many times as I have seen PAP.  This is one of those things you either love or you don’t and I LOVE.  Here’s one of my favorite scenes:

4.  Flippy Floppies

These are just easy.  My footwear of choice.  I got this pair from Target a couple of weeks ago on clearance for like 2.48 and have worn them all over.

5.  Zulilly

My new favorite website.  Check it out mommies!  Boutique maternity and kids fashion at up to 70% off.  Pretty awesome!WAIT!!!! I’d  love to hear your favorite things!  I’ll mention one in a post next week.  Leave your comment here:


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